Fact sheets

These fact sheets give brief outlines of our approach to treating some of the more commonly encountered conditions of dogs and cats that require ongoing management. They are intended for general information and do not take the place of an individual veterinary consultation. For further information, please feel free to contact us.

Skin allergy management

Skin allergy is one of the most common reasons pets are presented to veterinarians. We all know what an
incessant itch feels like and our pets cannot rationally resist the urge to scratch. The subsequent self trauma that occurs from allergies leads to inflammation, yeast infections, seborrhea [oily, flakiness to the skin] and secondary skin infections. Read more

Arthritis management

Proactive health management of our senior pets means they are living longer and healthier lives. As our pets live longer, they become as susceptible to degenerative syndromes such as arthritis [degenerative joint disease: DJD] as we do. Most of us will eventually experience the discomfort and compromise that arthritis can impose on our quality of life. Dogs are particularly prone to arthritis due to breed characteristics and lifestyle/behavioural influences such as overenthusiastic, repetitive or inappropriate exercise which exacerbate stresses on joints. Read more